WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE — “THE BARD OF AVON”. Lesson. Suggested Level — B1

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE — “THE BARD OF AVON”. Lesson. Suggested Level — B1

When we hear the term “The Bard”, our minds immediately spring to the name William Shakespeare. More specifically, Shakespeare is known as “The Bard of Avon”. This is because he seems to have been given the title in recognition of his stature as “great poet” and the unofficial national poet of England. It was only as the twentieth century advanced that he became inextricably identified with that title. Before that, the mind sprang to the name Robert Burns, the Scottish poet. The Scots, proud of their national poet, would still argue that point as to who “The Bard” actually is.



  • to develop communicative competence;
  • to develop pupils’ language skills in listening, viewing, speaking and writing;
  • to describe the paintings displayed in the Shakespeare Centre;
  • to develop students’ creative thinking, initiative and imagination to enrich your knowledge about William Shakespeare;
  • to broaden pupils’ outlook to stimulate interest for learning English to provide cultural information;
  • to appreciate and respect the cultural diversity.

Lesson’s type: non­-standard.