(Level Upper-Intermediate)

Teacher: Olena Vasylevska (Cherkasy Physics and Mathematics Lyceum)


  • To practice using the vocabulary related to the topic;
  • To practice listening, speaking, writing and reading on the topic;
  • To develop students’ communicative skills while taking part in dialogues (unprepared situations);
  • To foster the desire to speak, to read and get the necessary information from the partner;

–         To develop students’ memory, attention and skills of communication.


A computer; a TV; a magnet board; Tim Falla, Paul A Davies. “Solutions Upper-Intermediate Student’s Book”. Oxford University Press. Exercise 1, pages 106-107, Text “Confessions of an astronaut”; a CD with the video (“BUZZ ALDRIN STILL LOOKING TO THE STARS” ); a CD with the song (“Space Oddity” by David Bowie ) and the lyrics of the song (for each student); a collection of pictures related to the topic (photos of the space shuttle Vostok, Sputnik-1 and Sputnik -2, the photo of the launch of the spacecraft, a photo of the dog Laika; handouts (cards for checking listening comprehension with the questions for each student); the portraits of famous astronauts (Yuri Gagarin, Pavlo Popovych, Leonid Kadeniuk , Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin).

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