Автор: Ставцева Наталія Германівна

Political System of the UK


-to give learners practice in reading  an authentic article scanning for specific information ;

-to consolidate lexis for “Political System of the UK” ;

-to check s-s’ detailed comprehension of the article and speaking skills on the topic;

Equipment: OHP, an illustrated version of the article “Tower of Power”, handouts with tasks.

Timing : 90 minutes


1Introducing the topic


Brainstorming “Political System of the UK”






parliamentary monarchy

House of Lords

House of Commons


Westminster Palace

A constituency



( s-s  explain the words with the language they already know)

2S-s’ talking on the topic (in groups)

Group 1

s-s reinforce  everything they know  about the House of Commons

Group 2 (…The House of Lords)

Group3 (… about the Queen)


  • Introduction of the new lexis

1a manifesto

2“Hung or Balanced” parliament

3 a coalition government

4 a backbench

5to resign


4Guessing the meaning of the new words

Match part A with partB

a )to leave the post

  1. b) is a MP’s seat if he (she)is not a government minister

c )is the parliament in which no political party has the majority of seats

  1. d) a list of things the parties promise to do if they get into power
  2. e) is a government in which 2 of the main parties join forces

keys:1-d; 2-c ;3-e;4-b; 5-a

  • Reading the article “Tower Of Power “for gaining specific information

Before –reading tasks:

S-s give their suggestions on the gist of the article

While-reading tasks:

Scan for the information about the Queen, the House of Commons, the House of Lords and their functions

After- reading tasks:

Explain the numerals mentioned in the article

(the teacher gives out the handouts with the numerals  related to the article)

  • S-s’ speaking (role dramatizing)

Group1  : you are peers (speak on your duties)

Group 2: you are MPs (speak on your duties)

You are the Queen (speak on your duties)

  • Testing s-s’ detailed comprehension of the article

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