Автор: Богач Наталія Михайлівна

Main Aim

To enable learners to improve their communicative skills by expressing opinions, taking part in roleplay, discussing some information for listening;  to develop creative thinking.

Supplementary Aim

To review the names of professions and adjectives in a context of talking about job’s requirements and characteristics. E.g. To my mind, ajobof a policeman is challenging because it meets all requirements and conditions. A good policeman should be courageous, brave and confident .


Stage 1:

Aim: To introduce the topic

Procedure:T involves pupils into the process of predicting the main theme of the lesson and discussing the problem if it is really easy/difficult to choose a future career.

Materials: a card “Heart”;cards with clues to make up sentences for a short discussion.

Time:5 minutes

Interaction: T – whole class, then two groups.

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