Заняття з практичного курсу англійської мови

Надія Заіченко, викладач  іноземної мови, Богуславський гуманітарний коледж імені І.С.Нечуя-Левицького, Київська обл.


Topic: Youth culture. Clothes. Style. Present Continuous and Present Simple Tenses.

Тема: Молодіжна культура. Одяг. Стиль. Теперішній неозначений та теперішній тривалий час.


  • to practice students’ skills using topical words and phrases in different exercises;
  • to improve students’ skills in the use of Present Continuous and Present Simple Tenses in conversation;
  • to teach students to use materials of previous lessons in monologue and dialogue;
  • to stimulate students’ discussion according to the situation;
  • to form ability to participate in the speech interaction with the partner in small groups and in pairs;
  • to develop students’ culture of communication.


  • Практикувати навички студентів у вживанні вивченої лексики за допомогою різних лексичних вправ.
  • Удосконалювати навички студентів у використанні теперішнього тривалого та теперішнього неозначеного часу в розмові.
  • Вчити студентів використовувати матеріали попередніх занять в монологічному та діалогічному мовленні.
  • Заохочувати студентів до обговорення згідно до ситуації.
  • Формувати вміння працювати в малих групах та парах.
  • Розвивати у студентів культуру спілкування.


Materials: Martyn Hobbs, Julia Starr Keddle. Real Life. Elementary/Coursebook.

Pearson Education 2015

Martyn Hobbs, Julia Starr Keddle. Real Life. Elementary/Workbook.

Pearson Education 2015

Fashion magazines, picture flash cards.



Хід заняття

Lead – in

Warming – up

Clothes video.

1. Main part.

1. Review of the past vocabulary with pictures. Cover half of the picture. Students must guess what clothing is shown.

Game: “What is the Picture”.



  1. Complete the sentences with Present Simple and Present Continuous.

I usually wear…but today I am wearing…

  1. Complete the sentences with Present Simple and Present Continuous from the verbs in the brackets.
  1. Why______ you____________(wear) a shirt and a jacket? You usually wear casual clothes.
  2. What a noise! Liam ______________(play) the electric guitar. He always ____________ (practise) on Friday night.
  3. They usually _______(go) to school by bus but today they ___(walk).
  4. Usually, we _______(not watch) a lot of TV but we __________(watch) a really exciting film at the moment.
  5. My mother usually _____(do the washing-up), but today my father _______( do the washing-up).

­Label the types of clothes.















  1. Ask the class about the student whose name is written on the card. Each card has a different student’s name.

Is she wearing a black scarf?

Yes, she is. /No, she isn’t.

  1. Listen to the article and speak about Natasha and Lee’s styles.

How stylish r u?

What do your clothes say about you? Are you a goth? A punk? An indie kid? Or just you? And what are you wearing today? What do you usually wear?

Who is your style icon?

Join our E-conversation today! And send a photo!


In this picture, I’m wearing my favourite old sweater. I love it. It’s a present from my girlfriend. I’m probably listening to Iron Maiden on my MP3 player. I listen to them all the time. I usually wear jeans and trainers. In this photo, I’m wearing trousers and a brown hat. I don’t usually wear hats but this one is cool.

Style icon – I haven’t got one!

Rate Lee’s style 1 2 3 4 5


I love fashion! I often wear skirts and boots. I also go skateboarding a lot – in this photo, I’m wearing a T-shirt and jeans with a belt, a hoodie and trainers. I’ve got a piercing in my nose. I’ve got loads of jewellery. I like dresses and old clothes from the 70s and 80s. I go shopping 20 for old clothes in the market near my house.

Style icon – Kate Moss

Rate Natasha’s style 1 2 3 4 5

  1. Work in pairs. Choose a model from a fashion magazine and describe her clothing and fashion style. Share this with the class.


III. Summary

Summary. Review the learned vocabulary.

Homework Ex.9p.51 SB.